doctor performing sinus surgery

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

Your skull is filled with air! The sinuses are air filled spaces in the skull. Most people do not realize these spaces exist in the skull until a problem develops, and they begin to experience the symptoms of sinusitis. There are 4 pairs of sinuses – one pair over the cheeks (maxillary), forehead (frontal), between…

Woman in a ponytail touching her neck

Thyroid Gland Tumor

A 42 year old woman noticed a growth in her neck that has been growing steadily for 3 months. Ultrasound thyroid scan shows a left thyroid mass that is mixed, i.e. containing both cystic and solid components. Read more.  

Couple sleeping together on a bed

FAQs on Insomnia, Tiredness, and Snoring

How does insomnia affect other areas of a person’s life? Insomnia is an inability or difficulty to initiate or maintain sleep. But it is more than just a problem with sleep. Insomnia is only a symptom that points to a more fundamental underlying problem. Many factors influence the amountand depth of sleep. Sleep is an…