ConditionTreatment OptionTime TakenWhere is it doneLocal/General AnaethesiaDegree of Pain/Discomfort
Ear Wax RemovalMicroscope Suction5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Blocked EarsMicroscope Suction /Medication5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Hearing AssessmentHearing Test/Hearing Aid Prescription10-15 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Outer Ear Infection, Ear PainMicroscope Suction/Medication5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Fungi Ear Infection, Ear PainMedication5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Middle Ear Fluid (Glue Ear-Adults)Medication/Incision in Ear Drum to relieve pressure10 minsClinicNot RequiredLittle
Sensorineural Hearing LossHearing Test/Medication15 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Meniere's DiseaseInjection5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Vertigo / GiddinessGiddiness Rehabitation10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Middle Ear Fluid (Glue Ear-Children)Grommet Tube Insertion15 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
Repair of broken Ear DrumsMyringoplasty46 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
Pinna Cysts/ KeloidsExcision20 minsDay SurgeryLocal AnaethesiaLittle
Preauricular Cyst / Auricular CystExcision30-45 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
Tinnitus (ringing sound in the ear) AssessmentHearing test/Tinnitus Masking30-45 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Grommet Ventilation TubesGrommet Tube Insertion15 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
CholesteatomaMastoidectomy1-2 hrsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaMinimal
OtosclerosisStapedotomy2 hrsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaMinimal
Inborn DeafnessCochlear Implant Surgery2 hrsOvernight StayGeneral AnaethesiaMinimal
Acoustic NeuromaExcision6 hrsOvernight StayGeneral AnaethesiaMinimal
Post-tramatic ear injury-diving, nose etc
Eustachian tube dysfunction & pressure-induced ear symptoms (Blocked ear/ ear tubes)Medication5-10 mins ClinicNot RequiredNone
Bell's Palsy & Facial nerve disorders

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