Valid for surgery / hospitalisation at Parkway Hospitals
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Our charges are based on length of consultation and complexity of procedures / surgery. Our clinic does not impose any surcharge on international patients – both local and international patients pay the same rate.

Mode of Payment

Our clinic accepts payments in cash, NETS and credit card (Visa/Master). Letter of Guarantees from major insurers are also accepted for payment for outpatient treatment as well as for surgery. Please contact our clinic for more information.

Medical Insurance

Our consultant is on the panel of specialists for various insurance providers including Aetna, Parkway Shenton, Shenton Insurance, FWD, Alliance, Adept, Corporate Health Services, MHC I-Medicare, NTUC Income I-Medicare, Great Eastern Supreme Life, BUPA, Cigna, Tokio Marine Insurance, Prudential, AXA, Prestige among others. Please call our clinic for more information.

Medisave (Singapore and Permanent Residents)

Thumbs-PaymentsOur Clinic is an accredited day surgery by the Ministry of Health. Singaporeans and permanent residents of Singapore may use their Medisave for certain procedures done in the clinic.

Patients who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents of Singapore may claim part of their medical expenses from their Medisave Account. Medisave can be used for patients themselves or for the account holders’ immediate family members viz spouses, parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren.

The following procedures performed in our clinic are claimable under Medisave.

  • Consultation & Medication (partial coverage)
  • Nasal endoscopy, Throat videoscopy
  • CT scans/MRI scans
  • Sinus washouts
  • Grommet tube insertion
  • Excision of neck lumps
  • Fine Needle biopsy of tissues
  • Removal of foreign bodies (e.g. fishbone)
  • Turbinates Reduction (Radio Frequency & Coblation)
  • etc

For details on other procedures that are medisave claimable, please contact us on our clinic telephone.

Medisave E-File

If you intend to make a claim from your Medisave account, please ensure that you bring along your identity card and notify our staff in advance, so that they could prepare the necessary documents and assist you with the filing. Please do note that the amount reimbursed is subjected to the approval of Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board, the complexity of the procedure and the amount in your account.

The CPF Board takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to process the claim, as such, patients are required to make a full payment first. Our staff will assist to efile the Medisave claim to CPF Board. A cheque of the approved amount will be issued to patient once CPF Board has approved the submission.

Integrated Shield Plans (Singaporeans and Permanent Residents)

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Patients who has purchased the Medisave-approved Integrated Shield plans with rider offered by the 6 insurers (listed below) are able to use them in our clinic if any surgical procedure (eg nasal endoscopy) is done at our clinic. No hospitalisation is required to make a claim. Our clinic has a day surgery facility so for some procedures done at our clinic, your integrated shield policy could be used on a reimbursement basis.

6 Approved Integrated Shield Insurers:

  • NTUC Income’s IncomeShield and Enhanced IncomeShield
  • American International Assurance International Co’s (AIA) HealthShield Gold
  • Great Eastern Life Assurance Co’s SupremeHealth and SupremeHealth Plus
  • Aviva Ltd’s MyShield
  • Prudential Assurance Co’s PRUShield
  • AXA Shield

For details on the procedures that are claimable under the Integrated Shield plans, please contact us on our clinic telephone.

Integrated Shield Plans E-File

Our staff will assist to E-file the claim to their insurers. A cheque of the reimbursed amount will be issued to patient once the insurer has approved the submission.

$0 Cash deposit for Surgery (Singaporeans & Permanent Residents)

Mount Elizabeth Hospital has arrangements with insurers to offer a cashless service when eligible patients are able to admit with no deposit and no payment required upon discharge, after surgery.

Eligible Criterias are:

  • Patient who has purchased “Private Hospital as Charged” Integrated Shield Plan with Rider
  • Patient has Medisave balance of minimum $10,000
  • Hospital bills less than or equal to $30,000
  • Surgery is not a pre-existing condition

Baby Bonus

Baby Bonus is also accepted as payment in our clinic.