Nose/Sinus Engineer, 23 years clinical experience, subspecialising in Nose Problems, Sinus Diseases, Endoscopic Surgery/Balloon Sinuplasty


Dr Kevin Soh Boon Keng


MBBS (S'pore), FRCS (S'pore), FRCS (Edinburgh), FRCS (Glasgow), FAMS (ENT Surgery)
Clinical Director & Senior Consultant
Ear Nose Throat Sinus Head & Neck Surgeon

Facing Neuralgia

Wendy is a teacher from the UK who was struck by glossopharyngeal neuralgia. While looking for answers on the internet, she chanced upon an academic article that I wrote for the Singapore Medical Journal. She contacted me for help to find answers to the severe throat pains that she was experiencing.

Satisfied Patients

Over the years, I have received some Thank You Letters from happy and satisfied patients who have put their trust and faith in me. I tend to read these letters over and over again. It makes my eyes gets wet and teary. It reminds me of the great privilege and tremendous honour that my patients have given me by choosing me as their physician.

Educational Videos

I have spent some time to record my surgeries and explained what was being done.  I hope that through these videos, patients could better understand and manage their problems. It would be beneficial for patients to spend a little time, watching it. Enjoy!

Our Mission

“To deliver the finest care skillfully, compassionately and cost effectively.”

It is important for a patient to receive accurate information and assessment before correct treatment can be given. Here at our clinic, your consultation is done by a senior consultant.

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