Evaluation & Management of Head, Neck & Thyroid Lumps

Condition ofTreatment OptionTime TakenWhere is it doneLocal/General AnaethesiaDegree of Pain/Discomfort
Neck LumpFine Needle Aspiration Cytology5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Hard Neck LumpExcision & Biopsy30 minsDay SurgeryLocal/General AnaethesiaMinimal
Salivary Gland Mass (Parotid / Submandibular)Excision & Biopsy3 hrsOvernight StayGeneral AnaethesiaMinimal
Thyroid NoduleFine Needle Aspiration Cytology / Ultrasound of Thyroid5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Benign Thyroid NoduleHemithyroidectomy (remove one lobe of thyroid gland)1.5hrOvernight StayGeneral AnaethesiaMinimal
Thyroid CancerTotal thyroidectomy (remove both lobes of thyroid gland)2-3 hrOvernight StayGeneral AnaethesiaMinimal
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