Yes, you can see the doctor without any referral if you are paying for the fees on your own. If you are holding a corporate insurance card, some plans requires you to consult their panel of family physicans and obtain a referral letter from the doctor before you could consult a specialist doctor. Please ring our clinic to enquire should you need more information.

During your first visit to our ENT clinic, after registration of your personal particulars, you will be ushered to consult Dr Kevin. You must present your medical history and a history of your presenting symptoms. Dr Kevin will listen to your concerns, perform a physical examination which typically involves checking the affected parts such as the ears, nose, throat, neck.

Depending on what is your concerns, Dr Kevin will use a specialised instrument such as an otoscope to look inside your ears or a nasoscope to evaluate your nasal passageways and upper airways. There is no pain in these examinations. Many young children as young as 3 years old are able to undergo these examinations without any issue.

Our clinic also provides a paediatric nasoendocope that is smaller and softer than the usual nasoscope, allowing the procedure to be painless and fast without compromising on the quality of the examination for young children.

Sometimes, Dr Kevin may need to further investigate the conditions via hearing tests or order radiological scans to evaluate the issues.

After the examination, Dr Kevin will be able to provide a personalised treatment option tailored to your specified condition. Many of these treatments are Medisave and insurance claimable. Our clinic staff will be able to help to E-File your claims to Medisave board and your Integrated Insurance provider.

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Yes, the scope if necessary is done at the same time as the visit. There is no need to schedule another appointment for the scope.

If Xrays/CT & MRI scans are necessary as part of the investigation process, most of them can be done on the same day at the initial visit unless the scan requires fasting. If fasting is required, then we will schedule patients to come back on another day.

Blood tests can be done on the same day. Depending on the size of the lump, some fine needle aspirations could be done on the same visit.

Surgery, performed at the operating theatre of the hospital, will have to be done on another scheduled date. This is because most surgeries require fasting (no food, no water) thus it cannot be done on the same day.

First consultation $150. Investigations, procedures and medicine are at extra charge.  Follow up consultation fees is at $100.  Fees quoted is in Singapore dollars and there will be a 7% government taxes to the bill.

Our charges are based on length of consultation and complexity of procedures / surgery. Our clinic does not impose any surcharge on international patients – both local and international patients pay the same rate.

For the use of Medisave and integrated shield insurance as well as corporate insurance, please read more at our payment methods and information page.





Some conditions require the doctor to perform a scope to examine your problem. If a scope is performed, the visit is considered a Day Surgery.  Thus your medisave or integrated shield insurance or Hospital & Surgical plan insurance (H&S policy) could be used to cover the cost of the entire visit. This is on a reimbursement basis. Our clinic will eFile your claims to Medisave board and to your insurer. The amount of coverage will depend on the insurance plan that you have purchased.  Please contact our clinic if you require more information.

If a scope is necessary to assess your condition, you could use your integrated shield insurance to pay for your medical bill. This is because the visit is considered a Day Surgery.

If your integrated shield plan only has government hospital coverage, you can still use it at our clinic. Depending on the integrated shield plan that you bought, a government hospital integrated shield could cover 55-70% of the total bill. The outstanding portion of the bill could be covered by medisave or cash payment. Our clinic will eFile your claim to Medisave board/your insurer. Kindly note that this is on a reimbursement basis.

If you are holding a corporate insurance card, some plans requires you to consult a family physician before you could consult a specialist doctor. If you could whatsapp a copy of your corporateinsurance card to us at 8777 0866, we may be able to advise you whether we have direct billing with your corporate insurer.

Ear wax removal does not have a surgical procedure code. As such, medisave cannot be used for this procedure.

Yes, we see children as young as 6 months old.

Yes, please bring along our insurance form on your visit and we will complete it for you.

We will not be able to quote you a cost of your surgery unless the ENT dr has examined you, understand your problems and what needs to be done to manage your conditions. This is because the cost of surgery is dependent on the complexity of each surgery, the duration of operating theatre used, the operating theatre charges, equipment used for the surgery, medicine, ward charges, surgeon fees, anaethetist fees, nursing charges etc etc Please schedule a visit with our doctor and we will be able to provide you a quote after the consultation and examination.