ConditionTreatment OptionTime TakenWhere is it doneLocal/General AnaethesiaDegree of Pain/Discomfort
Nose Allergy (Rhinitis-Runny Nose)Medication or Blood Tests5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredMinimal
Allergy TestBlood Test, Medication, Immunotherapy5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredMinimal
Nose Bleed (Children & Adults)Medication or Silver Nitrate Cautery5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredMinimal
Blocked Nose / Obstruction (Children/ Adult)Medication or Reduction of Turbinates via Radio Frequency15 minsClinicLocal AnaethesiaMinimal
Severe Nose BlockSeptoplasty (straighten nasal bone)/ Reduction of Turbinates45 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
Nasal PolypsMedication or Polypectomy1 to 2 hrsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
Acute SinusitisMedication
Chronic SinusitisFunctional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery/ Balloon Sinuplasty1 hr to 2 hrsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
Deviated Septum (crooked nasal bone)Septoplasty45 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
Enlarged TurbinatesTurbinectomy (Reduction of Turbinates)30 minsDay SurgeryLocal or General AnaethesiaLittle
Balloon SinuplastyBalloon Sinuplasty1 hr to 2 hrs Day SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
Nose Cancer ScreeningNasal Endoscopy / Postnasal Space Biopsy5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredMinimal
Nasal Bone Fractures
Enlarged Adenoids/AdenoiditisMedication or Adenoidectomy45 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaLittle
Loss of SmellMedication or Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery / Balloon Sinuplasty
Nasal DischargeMedications or Sinus Washout10-20 minsClinicNot RequiredMinimal
Sinus WashoutSinus Washout10-15 minsClinicNot RequiredMinimal
Post Nasal DripMedication 5-10 mins ClinicNot Required
HeadacheMedication 5-10 minsClinicNot Required

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