ConditionTreatment OptionTime TakenWhere is it doneLocal/General AnaethesiaDegree of Pain/Discomfort
Rhinitis (Runny Nose)Medication5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Nose AllergyMedication or Allergy Test5 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Nose Bleed (in Children)Medication or Silver Nitrate Cautery10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Blocked Nose / ObstructionMedication or Reduction of Turbinates via Radio Frequency5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Paediatric snoring assessment and treatmentSleep StudyHomeNot RequiredNone
Tonsil and adenoid problems – using no pain method e.g. coblationMedication / Adenoidectomy / Tonsilectomy45 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaMinimal
AdenoiditisMedication or Adenoidectomy45 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaMinimal
Hearing evaluation and assessmentHearing Test15-30 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Middle Ear Fluid - Grommet Ear TubeHearing Test / Grommet Ear Tube15 -30 minsDay SurgeryGeneral AnaethesiaNone
Outer Ear InfectionMicroscope Suction / Medication5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Fungus Ear InfectionMicroscope Suction / Medication5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Foreign bodies in Nose/Throat/EarNasal Endoscopy5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Hoarness in voiceMedication5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Throat tightnessMedication5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Persistent coughMedication5-10 minsClinicNot RequiredNone
Congenital abnormalities, tumor
Inborn DeafnessCochlear Implant Surgery2 hrsOvernight StayGeneral AnaethesiaNone

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