What to Expect At Your First Visit


You can pre-register ahead of time by completing our registration form online.

If you prefer to register at the clinic, we suggest that you come in 5 minutes earlier to register. Please bring along your identification card/passport to your appointment for registration purposes.

Reception area

While waiting for your consultation, please feel free to browse through our selection of magazines. If you have smartphone or notebook computers, we provide free wi-fi access for you to check your email or surf the internet.

Consultation with our Specialist

Our nurse will lead you to the consultation room to meet our consultant. Our specialist will recommend the best treatment options for your condition after the examination. If you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan, depending on the procedure involved, most treatments can be started at the same visit.


We provide a one-stop service for your problems. Many investigations such as hearing test, cancer screening, allergy test, sleep study (for snoring related problems), fine needle aspiration for neck lumps, blood investigations are available at our clinic.

Sophisticated radiological tests such as CT Scan, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) can be arranged on the same day basis with reports available within 24 hours, in most cases.


Most medications can be prescribed here. Management is individualised and educational materials provided to help you make an informed decision.

Patients could also request to replenish selected medications that has previously been prescribed by our consultant. No administration fee is imposed.

Discharging and Payment

At the end of your appointment (when the consultation, examination and treatments (if any) are completed), you will proceed to the reception area to be discharged by our front office staff.

Payment Options

Our front office staff will summarize the treatments which have been completed during your visit and will inform you about the applicable fees. You can also visit our Fee Information page to read more about it.